Pediatric Dentistry

Prevention Services

Your child’s dental health is very important. Developing a positive relationship with us is crucial for long term dental health. Your child’s first visit should occur at about 1 year. We appoint you and your child on your cleaning appointment.

At the joint appointment, your child will sit in the chair and become comfortable with the dentist and hygienist touching their teeth and looking in their mouth. Your child may not get their teeth cleaned. We will be able to educate you and your child on your roles in maintaining good dental health. When your child is confident, they will receive their own appointment.

Visit our Patient Education Center for “Videos for Kids” to view fun cartoons which help young patients understand dental services and prepare them for their visit.

Cleaning & Check-up Appointments

Goals for Best Oral Health

  • Have a positive first appointment.
  • Both parent and child come together at the adult’s appointment.
  • Introduce your child to dentistry – “Tell-Show-Do” appointments.
  • The first appointment helps show children what we are going to do and determine if they are able to do it. If your child allows us, will perform their preventive care at this appointment.
  • We use all of your child’s senses (sight, touch, smell, sound, feel) to help them become familiar with the procedure.
  • During the second appointment we will actually do the preventive care procedure.
  • While, it takes longer, this method prepares your child for a positive dental experience and a lifetime of dental health

Patient Education Center Owl with Mortarboard Icon

Visit Apex Dental Group’s Patient Education Center to find cartoon videos of Dudley’s Dentist Adventures to get children to be more comfortable with going to the dentist.

Educational Cartoons by the American Dental Society
Educational Cartoons on this website

Topics We Cover

  • Age-specific personalized dental care & education.
  • Home care instruction for proper brushing, flossing, use of disclosing tablets, and implementing a 2 minute timer.
  • Brushing and flossing.
  • Other prevention measures
  • Role of diet in dental health
  • Tooth development / growth.
  • Behavior management.
  • Examination.
  • Individualized treatment plan.
  • Application of fluoride varnish.
  • Rewarding good home care and behavior.


2 minute timer and disclosing tablets
2 minute timer and disclosing tablets

What we do at the Office for Prevention

  • Cleaning / Hygiene.
  • Digital X-rays – lower radiation for early detection. See our Office & Technology page for types of diagnostic tools we use.
  • Dental examination.
  • Fluoride supplements if you are on well water & low in fluoride.
  • Fluoride varnish.
  • Sealants.

How is Fluoride a part of Oral Health

It is a mineral that occurs naturally and is found in or added to many water sources. Fluoride helps make teeth stronger and protects them from decay. Fluoride is also in anti-cavity toothpastes and mouth wash.

Fluoride supplements will be recommended if you are on well water and low in fluoride. We may also apply a fluoride varnish to the surfaces of the teeth.


Fluoride Varnish and brush applicator
Fluoride and brush applicator

What are Sealants?

Dental Sealants are applied to protect teeth from decay.  A dental sealant is a material applied to the chewing surfaces of the molars.

The sealant material flows into the pits and grooves on those surfaces and acts like a barrier from bacteria decaying the tooth’s outer surface, the enamel.


Sealant applied to tooth
Sealant applied to tooth

Prevent Sports-Related Dental Injuries

For older children who play sports, Apex Dental Group can create a custom-fit sports guard also called a mouth guard.  

Mouth guard and mold


Make a Mouthguard part of our uniform


Rewards for Successful Dental Care

  • Helium Balloons
  • Prize Machine
  • No Cavity Club!
  • Cavity-free kids write down their name to enter in our drawing for free movie tickets!


No Cavity Club at Apex Dental Group in Apex, NC


Referrals for Best Overall Dental Health

We take pride in the care that we provide to our child patients. On a case by case basis, some kids may need a referral to a pediatric specialist.

The bottom line is that we want you and your child to be successful in their dental health care!


Child dental patient in Apex NC office

Tips for Parents

  • Home care help is dictated by your child’s ability, some children may need more or less help regardless of their age.
  • Younger children may require more parental direction and help.
  • Older children may independent in many of their home care tasks
  • Be positive but honest about their appointments. Don’t use them as a threat.
  • Work with them daily on their home care.
  • Ask the doctor and  hygienist for advice on home care issues.
  • Stay involved and follow up daily!


Parent brushing with child

Page Topics

Development Monitoring

Monitoring your child’s growth and development is an important aspect in their care. Often times, we can help in the development of your child’s dentition by early intervention and eventual referral to the orthodontist. Baby teeth act as place holders for the adult teeth. If they are not cared for and are lost early, drifting of teeth and severe crowding can result. Allowing teeth to erupt properly will also lead to a more stable bite. Baby teeth are important and should be cared for, but how often have you heard, “They are only baby teeth”?

See our Patient Education Center for videos and more on this topic.

How we monitor your child's dental development?

  • During each dental examination we closely monitor crooked teeth.
  • We detect improper oral hygiene and inquire about sugar intake to prevent early decay and tooth loss.
  • We use detection technology tools such as periodic Bitewing X-rays to look between teeth for cavities and Panoramic x-rays to evaluate overall growth, development, and missing teeth.
  • When a situation warrants, we perform Simple extractions sometimes we remove primary (baby) teeth that fail to come out on their own.
  • We watch for proper adult tooth eruption.
Dr. Kitzmiller with pediatric patient in Apex, NC
Orthodontic appliance in child's mouth at Apex Dental Group

Orthodontic Services

  • We make minor cross bite corrections.
  • A “W” arch will expand the upper jaw bone. Other upper jaw expansion devices.
  • We take measures to maintain space for future teeth.
  • We use Band and Loop techniques for early loss of individual teeth.
  • Lower Lingual Arch is used for early loss of multiple teeth.

We make an appropriate and timely referral to an orthodontist when your child is ready.

Fillings & Restorations

What do you offer for restoring a child's primary tooth?

  • Stainless steel crowns
  • Tooth colored fillings
  • Pulpotomy – nerve treatment for children

A pulpotomy is needed if a cavity is deep and reaches the tooth pulp. If you suspect infection, contact us as soon as possible so it doesn’t infect other nearby teeth. This “baby root canal” will preserve your child’s tooth until the permanent tooth comes in.

  • Extractions (tooth removal)

Visit the Patient Information page and review the Comfort Measures we use to reduce anxiety and pain for children.

Comfort Measures

Headsets, Nitrous Oxide & More

Child having tooth restoration and chair-side computer in Apex NC

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