Ever desire to change something about your smile? Design your ‘before & after’ with Dr. Kitzmiller to create your perfect smile using Smile Design visualization technology. He uses photos taken of your current smile to visualize what your smile will look like after you complete your Smile Design with Apex Dental Group.

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What does your perfect smile look like?

  • What color looks best for your smile?
  • Do some teeth need to have a different shape or size?
  • What do you wish your smile would look like?
  • Want to change your “gummy smile”?
  • Are some of your teeth too short?
  • Are your teeth crooked?

We discuss your desires and all of your options at your Smile Design Consultation.

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Your Perfect Smile Designed

Trial Version

Diagnostic Trial Coverings

  • Diagnostic trial coverings are used to see your perfect smile.
  • See your smile before the dentistry starts.

This intraoral mock-up is a method used for both the dentist and patient to evaluate the new look and tooth position and therefore the facial esthetics of the patient.

It gives the patient an opportunity to approve of the proposed changes before any irreversible treatment is carried out.

Cosmetic and dental restoration work is crafted to match the mock-up. It may involve orthodontic tooth movements, gingival recontouring, crown lengthening surgeries, or implant placements depending on the plan we design together.

Apex Smile Design Diagnostic Trial - Before and Visualize After

Before & After

Tired Teeth Before

Actual Smile before Smile Design Apex Dental Group

Shiny New Teeth After 'Smile Design'

Smile Design Teeth After Smile Design Apex

Happy Patients

Make your smile your signature accessory!


“I noticed that my teeth were getting shorter and I did not smile. Now I have the smile that I had before.”

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